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Banana Daiquiri's

$6.50Golden Banana

House favorite with Bacardi Gold Rum.

$6.50Rotten Banana

Cream de Banana, coffee liqueur and cream.


Bananas, strawberries, and Bacardi Limon.

$6.95Banana Frosty

Cream of coconut, banana & Bailey's Irish cream.

$7.50Banana Split

Ice cream, strawberry, banana, and Godiva chocolate liqueur.

$7.50Chocolate Covered Banana

Banana daiquiri and Godiva chocolate liqueur.

Delicious Daiquiri's

We proudly use Bacardi Rum in our house daiquiri's.





House Favorite's

$6.50Cocoberry Freeze

Parrot Bay Coconut Rum & strawberries.

$6.50Tropical Breeze

Cream of coconut, bananas, and Malibu coconut rum.

$6.95Ebb Tide

Peach daiquiri and di Sarrono Amaretto.

$6.95Peaches & Cream

Peach daiquiri and Bailey's Irish cream.

$6.95Beach Comber

Peaches, ice cream and Bailey's Irish cream.

Cool Coladas & Ice Cream

$6.50Captain's Colada

Made with Captain Morgan original spice rum.

$6.50Dirty Colada

Myers's Jamaican Dark Rum makes this great!

$6.50O! Colada

Bacardi orange and cream de coconut.

$6.50Blue Lagoon

Drop anchor and enjoy the Malibu coconut rum.

$6.50Ke Ke Colada

A Blend of key lime pie and cream de coconut.

$6.95Almond Joy

Cream de coconut and di Sarrono Amaretto.

$6.95Strawberry Shortcake

Ice cream, strawberries and di Sarrono Amaretto.

$6.95Bailey's Colada

Bailey's Irish cream and coconut.

$7.50Chocolate Shake

Ice cream and Godiva chocolate liqueur.


On the Rocks $5.00 or Frozen add $1.00
Enhance your margarita experience by asking for Jose Cuervo Gold.





Specialty Margaritas

$5.75The Limon Rita

Made with Bacardi Limon Citrus Rum.

$5.75The Blue Malibu

Made with Malibu Rum.

$5.75The Cancun

Made with your old favorite cuervo gold.

Specialty Drinks

$5.75Cabana Banana

made with Myers's Jamaican Dark Rum.

$5.75Low-Country Lemonade

Our version with Bacardi limon-very refreshing!

$5.75Hurricane Hugo

Southern comfort and an isle of palms secret recipe.

$5.75South Carolina Stingray

Made with Absolut Citron and it'll sting you.

$5.75Red "One Eyed" Parrot

Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay and Cranberry juice.

$5.75Rum Punch

Mt. Gay Rum, lime, triplesec, soda and bitters.

$5.75Jamaican Me Crazy

Malibu Rum, pineapple, sour and blue Curacao.

$5.75Twisted Icepick

Smirnoff raspberry and iced tea.

Pitcher Drinks

$16.00Goombay Smash

Bacardi light and Myers's dark, a Bahamian delight.

$16.00Long Island Iced Tea

Made with Smirnoff, Bacardi, Tequila, and Gin.

$16.00Pink Limonade

Made with Smirnoff citrus twist - Very refreshing.

$16.00The Blue Cancun

A giant sea-colored margarita.

$16.00Planter's Punch

Born in Charleston, made with Bacardi light and Myers's.


Red wine, Brandy and fruit juices, the drink of the islands.

Domestic Beers

$3.00Budweiser Can

$3.00Bud Light Can

$3.00Miller Lite Can

$3.00Coors Light Can

$3.25Bud Light Lime

$3.75Fat Tire

$3.25Michelob Light

$3.25Michelob Ultra

$3.75Land Shark Lager


$3.75Sam Adams

$3.75Palmetto Pale Ale

$3.75Sweetwater 420

Draught Beers

$3.50Sam Adams Seasonal

$3.00Michelob Ultra


$3.50Blue Moon Belgium Ale

Import Beers


$3.75Amstel Light


$3.75Corona Light


$3.75Dos Equis

$3.75Red Stripe

$3.75Negra Modelo


$3.75Stella Artois

Sparkling Wine

By the glass

$6.00Barefoot Bubbly


Blush Wine

Copper Ridge White Zinfandel

Glass - $4.50

Red Wines

Glass / Bottle

Copperidge Cabernet Sauvignon

Glass - $4.50

BV Coastal Pinot Noir

$5.25 / $17.95

Mirassou Cabernet Sauvignon

$5.25 / $17.95

Sterling Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon

$6.50 / $25.00

Mirassou Merlot

$5.25 / $17.95

Sterling Vintners Merlot

$6.50 / $25.00

White Wine

Glass / Bottle

Copper Ridge Chardonnay

Glass - $4.50

Jekel Riesling

$5.00 / $16.00

Mirassou Chardonnay

$5.25 / $17.95

Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay

$6.25 / $28.00

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio

$5.25 / $17.95

Mirassou Sauvignon Blanc

$5.00 / $16.00